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Charlie Chaplin Lecture: Composing The Mutuals

28th January 2015 19:30pm

Hear Carl talk about the inspiration behind composing the music that accompanies the original 1916 short films.

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Silent Film: Intolerance

25th February 2015 20:00pm

Relish in D.W. Griffith's modern monument of world film heritage, Intolerance illustrates, through four key stories: "The inhumanity of man to man during the two last five hundred thousand years." Music composed and conducted by Carl Davis

Venue: Auditorium de Lyon

Orchestra: Orchestre National de Lyon


#silentfilm #intolerance

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Silent Film: Safety Last

28th February 2015 19:30pm

Relish the experience of seeing the Harold Lloyd classic silent film 'Safety Last' (you know - the one with the clock!) accompanied by live orchestra 

Venue: Phlharmonic Hall, Liverpool

Orchestra: Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra

@LiverpoolPhil @TheHaroldLloyd


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Silent Film: Phantom of the Opera

20th March 2015 20:00pm

Recoil with horror and shake with fear at Lon Chaney's masterful perforamance as the original Phantom of the Opera! Carl conducts his own score to the 1925 horror film

Venue: Grand Auditorium, Luxembourg

Orchestra: Orchestre Philharmonie de Luxembourg



NB: This concert is repeated on 21 March 2015 @ 20:00

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Silent Film: The Playhouse

21st March 2015 15:00pm

A family treat in the afternoon - a 1925 Buster Keaton comedy like no other where he plays ALL the parts! This will be the premiere of Carl's new score - what a treat!

Venue: Grand Auditorium, Cinemateque, Luxembourg

Orchestra: Orchestre Philharmonique du Luxembourg


#SilentFilm #BusterKeaton

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Silent Film: Buster Keaton's Steamboat Bill Jnr

28th March 2015 19:00pm

TCM Film Festival 2015 proudly hosts the world premiere of Carl's new score for Buster Keaton's 1928 classic comedy

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Silent Film: An evening with Charlie Chaplin

1st May 2015 19:30pm

If you haven't seen a Chaplin movie before, this is definitely the one to see! The 1936 silent comedy 'Modern Times', with music written by Chaplin himself, is a momentous achievement in movie making!

Venue: Symphony Hall, Birmingham

Orchestra: CBSO



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